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Steeda Focus ST Rear Sway Bar (13-16 ST)

Steeda Focus ST Rear Sway Bar (13-15 ST)
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Manufacturer:  Steeda Autosports

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Steeda's Focus ST Rear Sway Bar for 2013-2016 Focus ST are in house designed and manufactured to increase roll stiffness by 70 percent. This increase in stiffness improves vehicle handling performance by greatly reducing understeer and also reduces overall vehicle body roll.

This silver powder coated rear sway bar is 25.4mm in diameter versus 22mm for the stock rear bar. This Steeda sway bar kit includes replacement polyurethane bushings, bushing brackets and installation instructions.

Product Benefits

  • 70% stiffer than stock sway bar
  • Includes bushings and brackets
  • Reduces understeer
  • Reduces body roll
  • Improve vehicle handling

Purchase your Steeda Focus ST Rear Sway Bar for your 2013-2016 Ford Focus ST from Steeda Autosports today!

Time to Install
About 45 Minutes
Level of Difficulty
Tools Needed
Basic Tools
Model Year(s)
2016 2015 2014 2013


Manual Automatic

Product Reviews

This bar both stiffens up the rear of the car and adds further balance and predictability to a great platform. I regularly autocross my 15 ST and with this bar have taken top 5 PAX (with 1 1st place) in every event I have entered. Makes the car extremely predictable with the lift off oversteer we love on these cars. I also added the Steeda rear endlinks at the same time so I'm sure they also helped to eliminate bind in the upper mounts and the adjustability is great.

Took out the body roll from the car. Cornering is amazing. Highly recommend this

I am absolutely stoked on this bar. Just installed it and can't stop grinning. Bravo!

Installing this rear sway bar completely changed the way this car handles. Install was easy and the instructions were well written. I took the ST to Tail of the Dragon after installing the rear sway bar and WOW! I loved the way the car handled. Just coupled this rear sway bar with Steeda's lowering springs and now the car really handles amazing. Make it happen!

I purchased and installed this the first week in July. Probably the best money you can spend to improve handling. The car now corners like it is on rails. The suspension and tires are stock and the improvement is very noticeable and predictable. The install took a casual 30 minutes.

Thanks Steeda

I installed mine yesterday morning in the parking lot of the Oskaloosa Municipal Airport right before an autocross event. Easy install! Have a retap kit handy just incase. Ford uses red bolt lock to secure the bolts and they do not come out easy and they leave a mess behind when they finally do come out. Everything took around 1.5 hours to install (removal of stock sway bar and installation of Steeda bar). One mistake I made: I did not put enough grease in the bushings. Sounds like the rear suspension is falling apart. That's my own mistake though. The product quality is amazing and the performance difference is very noticeable. It doesn't necessarily over steer more than it did before but the over steer is much more controlled and easier to feel when it is going to do so. Body roll seems to be reduced quite a bit as well! AMAZING PRODUCT! Well worth the money!!!!

The car handled great stock but with this bar installed it is literally glued to the road. This is the wife's car so all mods have to be done on the gentle side.
Took her for a test drive and told her to hang on as I wast cutting on the vacuum and taking some curves. The car stuck like it was being sucked to the road.
After about 2 minutes she stopped screaming and I slowed down as she said she was going to be sick. If you want a thrill ride this is the car for it and this bar will add new meaning to going to the amusement park.

Install was straight forward and just as the directions stated. I had access to a lift so it made it a non event.

This is one screaming machine!

Coming from my 2005 Saleen Focus the only thing lacking with the ST was the suspension. Don't get me wrong, its nice and all but just didnt handle like the saleen did. First was a set of lowering springs, that helped immensely but didnt solve the body roll in the corners. I am happy to say that this swaybar fixed the corner slop!! Great fit and finish, fairly easy install, and fantastic performance! So much more planted in the corners and it helps inspire more confidence taking corners at speed. Great job Steeda

BLUF: Handling improved tremendously. Don't think about it, do it!

Changing out the OEM SB with Steeda's SB was like adding giant magnets to the rear of the car. Very easy install in less than 40 minutes. The PU bushings are a nice added plus. Packaging, item quality, instructions, and fitment are all outstanding as usual.

The way my car handles with this bar is perfect. It keeps it much flatter in the turns and really makes it corner like a champ. i was skeptial a bar could make this much of a difference but once again they have made me a happy camper!